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Job title: website dedicated to cats

Job code: 356
Gender: female or male
Accent: any soft

Direction notes

  • This script represents the initial stage of an audio project for a website dedicated to cats
  • The site celebrates all things catty - including owners!
  • The website is fun, accessible, has a sense of humour and expresses a deep love of cats
  • The client is looking for a fun, enthusiastic, friendly, and jovial read. You have to be warm and welcoming - and maybe a bit zany!
  • There will also be additional work for the successful candidate as the website is constantly growing
  • Both male and female voices please, through the relevant codes
  • The audition script is below. This is not the final script.

Audition script

Cat health is a many varied thing. They're as complicated as humans when it comes to the range of illnesses they can get. And they're as sensitive as humans in the extent to which good health shines through both in their look and behaviour. We always stick by this rule: when it comes to health, treat your cat like you would your child and everything will be fine!

This is just the start of a much longer discussion about cat health but we'd like to start off with a very important note about an extremely serious and growing problem - lilies. Lilies are beautiful and so much more widely-available and cheaper than they've ever been as cut flowers. But they are desperately poisonous to cats. Vomiting, blindness, renal failure, coma and death are all common effects of cats coming into contact with lilies. You may love lilies and think they make an amazing centrepiece on your dining room table. But, if you love your cat, give them a miss.

Job title: corporate gift audio 2

Job code: 403
Gender: male or female
Accent: any

Direction notes

  • This script is a recording on an audio disc to be included with a corporate gift
  • The recording will be burnt onto a small disc which plays the recording when pressed
  • The point of the recording is to emphasise the gift - which in this instance is a picnic rucksack
  • The read should be relaxed and calm, conveying the peace of a lazy afternoon in the sun, by a river, eating and drinking
  • Both male and female voices are welcome but please use the correct code
  • The audition script is not the final script

Audition script

Fresh bread, cheese, poached salmon, fresh rocket, chilled white wine. Picnics in the summer sun are to be savoured. We've made picnicking easier with this beautiful, hand-finished picnic rucksack. There's settings for 4 inside - and room for a brace of wine bottles. So, enjoy. Another exceptional partner gift from My Company.

Job title: TV ad for a body product brand

Job code: 354
Gender: female
Accent: any

Direction notes

  • This script is for a TV advert promoting a range of products sold by a body product brand
  • The ad is aimed at women and new age men so the client wants to hear female voices and male voices that aren't overly masculine
  • The client wants the script read in a warm and sexy tone

Audition script

A lesson in how to look good naked, brought to you by MyCompany:

Step 1: Jump into a warm shower and lather up with a scrumptiously fruity MyCompany cleansing wash.

Step 2: Remove dead skin cells by applying a warming MyCompany exfoliant using circular motions. Rinse well and dry yourself with a toasty warm towel.

Step 3: Rehydrate by gently massaging a small amount of MyCompany's rejuvenating body cream into the skin.

Step 4: Apply a generous amount of MyCompany's dazzling body shimmer dust to hide skin inconsistencies and accentuate those sexy bumps.

Step 5: Celebrate your new found confidence in style!

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