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The US Voices JobZone is where you can apply directly for voiceover jobs. Vacancies are updated regularly and are exciting and incredibly varied. You might find yourself working on:

Television ads

Radio ads

Training DVDs


Telephone services

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Simple stress-free application


Applying for voice over work with US Voices is incredibly easy. You have two choices:

Call our dedicated audition line

Upload an mp3 file

The audition line is a bit like an answer phone. You’ll hear an introduction and then you’ll be asked to speak your audition down the line. The whole process is simple and stress-free


Alternatively, you can record your audition on your PC and upload it in the JobZone. Most PCs have recording software (and if yours hasn’t then we’ll give you some) and it’s as easy to upload your mp3 as it is to attach a file to an email.


Guaranteed $100 an hour


At US Voices, we know how much your talent is worth. A great voiceover can mean increased revenue for any company so you’ll be paid every penny you are worth.

All employers who register with US Voices must guarantee to pay at least $100 an hour for any voiceover work they arrange through US Voices. That means you are guaranteed to be paid $100 an hour for any work you do.


Online application help


Applying for jobs is easy – anyone can do it. Each script provides you with notes on how the script should be read and what kind of voice and accent is required. Then all you have to do is read the script. It’s as simple as that!


You’ll find extensive hints and tips on the site about how to prepare for auditions. We’ll teach you how to get the best out of your voice and how to sound amazing. There are essays, coaching notes and demonstrations all online. With US Voices you’ll have access to the most up-to-date material on voices and voiceovers. So what are you waiting for? Join US Voices today!

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Pay just $29.99 for a whole year for and get a moneyback guarantee. If you don't find any work you can claim your money back.

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